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Call For Entries New Label Design for Boutique Sake 'Izumofuji’

Tokyo Artists League calls for entries for a label design contest on behalf of Fuji Brewing Company for its limited edition of a boutique sake 'Izumofuji' scheduled to be on sale in February 2021. Fuji Brewing Company is a sake brewery based in Izumo, in Shimane prefecture that is a birthplace of sake. The sake has many distributors around Japan and your original label artwork has a chance to be used on the label and distributed to sake lovers around Japan.

One artwork will be selected for the label for which the design company, TETUSIN DESIGN, will be in charge of the design process. The artwork will be edited, integrated with the logo of Izumofuji and ascended to the original label of art.

We appreciate that you search about the land of Izumo where the Japanese ancient culture was oriented and that is protected by Izumo shrine that hosts eight millions of gods as well as the Fuji Brewing Company that connects people and cuisine by means of boutique sake.

Tokyo Artists League will host a group exhibition based on this contest next year at our new gallery opening this Autumn. The awards ceremony will be held in the exhibition.

Fuji Brewing Company Website:


■Entry deadline

July 2020 to 30th September 2020 24:00

No entry is accepted any after the deadline.

■How to apply

Please send an image of your work by email to the address below, along with your name and brief description of the concept of your work. The data should be PDF or jpeg fail.

■Number of work to apply

No limitation. Please send as many images as you wish to apply with.

■Application fee


■Size of your work

Any size. The image you submitted will be a target for the selection.


Mr. Imaoka from Fuji Brewing Company, Mr. Senzaki from TETUSIN DESIGN and Ms Oda from TETUSIN DESIGN

■Winner of a prize

A winner's work will be selected for the label design.

Honorable mention: one or two works

■Announcement of the winners

Will be informed on the TAL website in October 2020.

■Theme and motif

Any technique, drawing/painting of a classic/contemporary/illustration/digital method, any style of work, abstract or realism, and any theme and motif, figures/animals/landscape/still lives is accepted as long as it's 2D work. 3D work is not accepted. No collage or photograph accepted.

It has to confirm with the history of Izumo and the concept of the brewery and its product Izumofuji.

■Label design

A design company, TETUSIN DESIGN will be in charge of the designing process of your work, positioning/integrating the logo and resizing. Position and size of the logo will be decided and adjusted once the work is selected. If you have any intention of where to position the logo, please add your instruction when applying, but please be noted that we cannot assure it to be as your intention.

Size and shape of the label will be decided after the work is selected. It could be a traditional size and shape. Otherwise, it could be a deformed and innovative shape.

On the designing process, the TETUSIN DESIGN will fix the concept of the product and use it for the product description, advertisement andsales. You are not supposed to be involved in the process.

The bottle size is 720 ml. There are three types of colors, white, deep green and light green that will be chosen depending on the work.

■Winners' benefit

The winner and the honorable mentions will be invited free of charge to exhibit their works at the coming group exhibition in February 2021 based on this competition, and the awards ceremony. They would receive an interview and it would be broadcasted on theTAL YouTube channel. TAL will accept a designing commission to the artists on the TAL website (all happens with the artists' agreement).

The winner will receive bottles of the new sake with the new label.

■ ' Izumofuji Sake Label Design Exhibition' scheduled in February 2021

Venue: TAL gallery opening this Autumn in Tokyo

The winners' awards ceremony on the reception party (with restricted admission of the visitors)

The work to be exhibited should be no more than Japanese size 8. Should be framed, if not at least with a mat.

The works could be priced/not for sale. All the work will be archived and sold on the TAL website after the exhibition.

At the exhibition, original labels based on each exhibited work are produced by TAL and attached to the authentic sake bottle provided by Fuji Brewing Company. The one of a kind sake bottle will be exhibited as a pair of the work. The bottles theirself will not be sold but will be given to the artists after the exhibition.

Each artist will pay 10,000 yen for a single work as an exhibition fee. Framing and shipment will be at the artists' cost. No obligation of hanging up and taking down the work so no necessary to be present at the exhibition in Tokyo.

We will ask your will to join the exhibition in October, after the contest. The prospective exhibiters will be informed of the regulations of the exhibition as well as the account information to pay the exhibition fee. The application is closed when the attendees reach 15 of them.

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